Cubes -Storage Material-Seats
  • Wood: Sea plywood  & Beech Oven baked (natural drying)
  • Dimensions (cm): width 72cm x length 39 cm x height 30 cm  
  • Decoration : Appliqué 
  • Pillows : 5 cm thick
  • Fabric Pillows : Large Variety of Colors
  • Color Frame:  Natural Beech, waterproof varnish  
  • Construction Pros:
  1.  Constructed and designed specifically for Day Nursery
  2. Wall- Drawing- appliqué  upon your choice
  3. All the paints used are non-toxic
  4. The frame is completely 'finished' (rubbed)
  5. 100% Coverage spares products
  6.  Use waterproof glue for outdoor excellent moisture resistance non - toxic

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