Our Advantages
SIF Company having won the confidence of both domestic and foreign markets for at least 40  consecutive years, in the industry of professional and home furniture, has gained a competitive advantage because:
  • We produce all our furniture better than anyone in the market since we know all the stages of production from cutting the wood down to the last detail, something that makes us experts in the particular furniture!
  • We own and employ up-to-date mechanical and technological equipment, where products go through a series of processing steps, adding not only aesthetic but also manufacturing excellence!
  • We make sure that the product has the manufacturer’s identity! we are  at your disposal for any problems or damage, giving guarantee for each product !
  • We use Raw materials from every corner of Greece (wood, paint etc) so that we are not only sure of the origin of the materials but also we try to strengthen the Greek market!
  •  We know the demands of our customers and we produce a variety of products to meet their needs. We work with caution and not irresponsibly, every detail, in order to achieve the ideal result in each construction!!
  • You can visit our factory and confirm by yourself of all the manufacturing stages of production, moreover you are given the opportunity to know first hand who, how and from what materials the products are made!